Northstar insulantion is a GreenON participating contractor!

Rebate programs available now allow you to get up to $7200 back for insulating your home.

Insulating your home could mean substansital energy savings – 15% or more off your heating and cooling bills. The new GreenON rebate program is a limited time opportunity to save money on your bills and get up to $7200 back in rebates. Now when you are purchasing and installing insulation, get back money and save in the long run too.

Reasons to call today:

  • Free no obligation quote
  • Northstar is an approved contractor of the GreenON rebate program
  • We will walk you through the process of applying and receiving the rebate
  • Insulating your home will save you thousands of dollars in the long run

Upgrades available as follows:

  • $1500 avialble for attic insulation
  • $1900 is available for basmenet insulation
  • $3800 available for exterior wall insulation

What is the process of qualifying for the GreenON rebate?

  • To qualify for the GreenON Rebate, homeowners must work with a participating contractor when purchasing and installing insulation.
  • The contractor will submit the application for the rebate and will follow all of the guidelines and requisites.
  • Participating contractors take care of the entire process - from supplying and installing insulation, to submitting completed rebate paperwork.
  • Once the application has been submitted by the participating contractor, homeowners will receive an email to review the application and complete the final submission.
  • Once the application has been approved by GreenON Rebates, the rebate cheque will take approximately 8-12 weeks.