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Fire Proofing

Fire can be a substantial threat to any home, business or establishment. Flames can spread almost instantly to consume untold amounts of effort, money and time spent on construction. With some planning and foresight, it’s possible to implement features during the building or repair phase that can avert or mitigate the effects of fire and prevent a potential disaster or significant financial loss. Seeing fire spread can be a truly horrifying experience. Fire can double itself every minute which means it can turn a large building into ashes in under an hour and sometimes much sooner than that. More importantly, the lives of the inhabitants, employees or residents inside the space can be found in a situation where precious seconds mater.

Fireproof spray is one of the best measures for preventing and delaying the spread of fire. It helps make materials more resistant to fire and reinforces them against the effects of intense heat such as present during a fire. Fireproof foam can be applied to any section of a residence or commercial establishment including the roof, supporting columns, beams, joints, floor, basement etc. Using fireproof foam to coat these areas is valuable for comprehensive protection. Flames can originate in any of these areas and prevention can start with proper fireproof spray coverage.

A beneficial side effect of fireproof spray is its sound insulation ability. Noise and surrounding sounds can be reduced with the application of fireproof foam. Based on the degree of insulation required, different amounts and types of foams will be applied. The other advantage of using fireproof foam is that it provides heat insulation. This can mean a decrease in heating or cooling costs depending on the areas where insulation is applied. Depending on the specific needs of your home or business, strategic insulation can be applied in order to achieve sound and thermal transfer objectives. There should be a strict adherence to the regulations in terms of the application and the type of material that is used to spray your home or business. The right materials will prevent fire from spreading and thus potentially avert the loss of life in the event of a disaster

The foam should maintain a smooth and uniform appearance. Although this sounds less important than some other considerations, there have been many instances where spray foam was not applied properly and this causes unsightly protrusions which can interfere with the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Fireproof spray foam needs to be able to withstand harsh weather and weathering conditions such as floods, storms, extreme cold etc. Canada is no stranger to harsh weather and it should not diminish the efficacy of the foam by exposing areas of the structure or removing the foam entirely. 

It is important to choose a fireproof spray foam provider that has the experience necessary to do the job right. The right experts will be able to accurately determine the amount of fire retardant required by considering the material size and weight. NorthStar Fireproofing and Insulation has the knowledge and experience to get your project done. Whether you require residential or commercial insulation, we have many references of work that was completed on time and on budget. We have worked on projects of varying complexity and are confident that we will do an excellent job for you as well, big or small. Our strict adherence to provincial guidelines and the national building code means that you can pass any inspection and protect yourself and the lives of your inhabitants in the event of a fire.

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