Insulation panels are the perfect solution for contractors in search of an easy, low-cost insulation solution. These panels are comprised of the highest quality polyurethane foam and are commonly used as a durable, under slab insulation product or for floors with internal heating elements. Because of this, contractors have a convenient and durable means of installing new and specialty flooring.

Insulation panels provide simple insulation installation for vast areas with standard layouts, but they are also easy to cut should the need arise. Cutting an insulation panel doesn't require special tools or reinforcement, which explains why so many contractors prefer the product.

Insulation needs vary, and each home or business setting has different insulation requirements. The best choice for your job depends on the size and needs of your structure. Our team is proud to meet all of the requirements needed to be certified as licenced under the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association's (CUFCA) SPF Quality Assurance Program. When it comes to polyurethane foam, Northstar is the very best in the GTA and beyond.

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We use only premium insulation products: