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Insulation Removal

Faulty insulation is just as damaging to your home as not having areas insulated. When insulation is improperly installed or infected with mold, insects, or rodents, your home isn’t receiving the necessary protection against air leakage. If necessary, it’s highly recommended that a professional is contacted to ensure that your insulation is being properly removed. Improper removal can be hazardous the health of you and your loved ones. Here’s a few ways you can tell if it’s time to remove insulation. Smoke Damage – Exposure to fire or smoke can render insulation ineffective. Smoke particles and residue are usually absorbed into the insulation material and can pollute a home or business with toxic air.

Asbestos Removal – Asbestos is a serious threat, and it could reside in any occupied structure built before 1960. When any asbestos is found in a structure, the immediate risk of illness and exposure to dangerous carcinogenic material is considered a public hazard. Vermiculite based insulation was used in older structures, and if not professionally removed, then the infected insulation could have dire health effects.


Mold Infestation – Insulation that has been infected with mold is toxic. The mold must be removed and the infected areas treated with an anti-microbial wash. The area typically must be tested to ensure that all the toxic material was eliminated. Water Damage – An unnoticed leak or unsealed area can lead to water being left to stagnate and create mold spores in attics and walls near showers and sinks. Plumbing damage hidden behind a wall can also expose insulation to water damage. Noticing the signs of insulation damage is the first step towards fixing any damage. Contact NorthStar Fireproofing and Insulation and we’ll connect you with a certified, trained professional to assess the damage and help you gain the peace of mind that comes with the return of a home protected from mold, air leakage and unwanted noise.

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