Are there any advantages to spray Foam Insulation?

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Insulation | 0 comments

In a nutshell, Yes. What are they?

Reduce your energy bills while creating a more comfortable Living Space.

Your home may be insulated using fiberglass. It doesn’t mean it is air-tight, however. Hundreds of gaps, holes, and cracks surround electrical lines, plumbing and electrical outlets. If you put all these flaws together, they are equivalent to an open window that allows the air outside to flow inside your home. Spray foam insulation as a filler for these gaps could reduce as much as 30 percent of your energy costs while also giving your cooling and heating system a much-needed break.                  

Be sure that the pests remain outside where they are supposed to be 

Although we all appreciate our natural surroundings, rodents and insects need to remain within their territory and allow us to live in an uninfected home. Spray foam insulation does not contain any components that attract insects or animals, so they won’t attempt to eat it. Spray Foam Insulation Vaughan creates the perfect barrier to keep any undesirable pests away. 

Safety Barriers to Fire and Smoke 

Although it is the case that not all spray foam insulations are alike, they do offer certain benefits. One of these advantages is that they are more likely to be a type of foam that can block fires. Indeed, some spray foam insulations come with the federal classification called Class I, meaning they are a fire-proof kind of foam. It is a kind of foam that slows the rate of spreading flames from one area of your home to the next because it blocks oxygen from reaching the flames. The spaces surrounding electrical outlets or electrical wires, pipes and cables can be thought of as a freeway that allows oxygen to flow from one location to the next. Spray Foam Insulation Kitchener blocks these spaces and leaves the flames searching for the oxygen they require to stay alive. 

Reduced Humidity and the subsequent Growth of Mold 

The need for moisture is essential to the development of mould. The gaps and cracks around your home permit humidity levels to remain high. This can lead to condensation; at times, you could notice frost growing on the windows. When warm moist air begins to rise inside your house the moisture could seep into your ceiling and attic. This can result in growing mould, which you may not even know. The mould could cause the wood to become rotten and the destruction of the structure of your home. It could even cause health issues for people within the house who are suffering from allergies. 

Noise Level Reductions 

Sound can travel easily through cracks and gaps between walls and even through windows and doors. If you can seal these cracks and gaps using spray foam insulation, you’ll reduce noise and create a more relaxing living space.

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