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Northstar Insulation: Frequently Asked Questions

Regular people who already have so much on their plate oftentimes need to lean on experts to help them understand the need for certain aspects of their home. As experts in our field, we happily indulge any inquiry regarding insulation, fireproofing and the many other services we provide our customers. It’s our duty to share our knowledge. At the end of the day, the more our customers understand about our process, the further our relationship can flourish after they experience the Northstar difference. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive on a regular basis from people just like you:

1) Why do I need proper insulation?

This is probably the most commonly asked question we receive. The answer boils down to protection and comfort. In terms of comfort, the temperature of your home provides you with the basic requirements for inhabiting your space. You could have the most comfortable sofa and bed, or fit your kitchen with the latest and greatest appliances, but if your home’s temperature cannot be regulated during any of the four seasons we experience here in Canada, then you will be in an uncomfortable space without proper insulation. Heat is always looking for a cold space to move into. In the winter, that means heat is looking to escape. During the summer, it’s looking to make its way into your home. Proper insulation can combat unwanted heat gain or loss, saving you money from the lessened use of your heating and cooling systems, while also helping you control the temperature in your home as you brave the four season Canadian climate. A properly insulated home is the ultimate protection for you and your wallet!

2) How do I know if I need additional insulation?

Your senses will usually indicate a need for insulation work in your home. If you’re depending on your sight, seeing more insects than normal crawling around your home can be a good indicator. Also, the sight of added costs to your heating and cooling bill is another sign that you may need to contact an insulation specialist to help protect your home. If you’re more of a tactile person, feeling drafts in your living areas or differing temperatures depending on the room in your home, is the ultimate sign that you need additional insulation fast. Your walls and floors will also let you know about your insulation. If either or both are cold to the touch during the winter, you may be dealing with insulation issues. At the very least, this will tip you off that you need to speak with a professional and get an assessment ASAP.

3) Can insulation be harmful to me or the environment?

Insulation’s basic purpose helps the environment as properly insulated homes then require less usage of their heating and cooling units. A reduction in energy use from a group of properly insulated homes is a boon to the environment. Also, there is insulation that is created using mostly recycled products (See fibreglass batts, cellulose injection) which in turn allows environmentally friendly customers the peace of mind knowing they’re protecting their home AND the environment.

As for you and your family, fibreglass has been known to irritate the eyes and skin but that’s mostly an issue for installers. When installed properly there are no risks to you or your loved ones. Now if you live in a home that is a little older, you may have asbestos insulation that is currently a health risk. If that is the case and you either know of your asbestos insulation or are not sure and would like a professional to assess your home, feel free to contact us and we’ll be able to help you properly insulate your home with the latest in premium products offered at Northstar Insulation.