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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Mold growth is often what leads people to calling NorthStar Fireproofing and Insulation for the best mold removal services. Mold is the most visual sign that your home may need a fresh insulation installation and mold removal can be dangerous if not facilitated by a professional. Once mold is discovered in your home, you must work quickly to treat it and remove it from the premises.Damp attics are often breeding grounds for mold. The combination of hot and cold air meeting in these spaces is referred to a static condensation – a common problem that can be avoided with proper attic insulation.

When mold is diagnosed as existing in the home, we start by blasting mold spores away from your walls and joists. If not handled correctly by a professional, this can cause allergic reactions and even cause those living in the home to become ill.We then treat the infected area with an antimicrobial solution that kills any mold that we couldn’t reach and prevents more mold from returning. Once we’ve destroyed and removed the moldy residue, we will eliminate the damaged insulation and install new moisture impeding insulant in its place.

NorthStar Fireproofing and Insulation highly trained professionals are experts in the removal of mold and infected insulation. Our job isn’t complete until your family is safe and comfortable with the quality of your insulation. Contact us if you spot any warning signs of mold and let NorthStar Fireproofing and Insulation guide you through the process of getting rid of unwanted mold and damaged insulation.

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