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If you wake up in the morning and it’s freezing outside, it’s not your heater that’s causing the problem; it’s your home’s insulation. There might be a reason that your house still has the traditional fiberglass insulation but with time, it needs the modern spray foam insulation to get hold of the excess cooling or heat loss. On average 30% of heat is lost through the roof and contributes to an increase in energy loss and a hike in bills. 

A two-bedroom semi-detached home can save up to $700 on energy bills if proper insulation is installed at your place. Spray Foam Insulation Mississauga is the modern option to deal with modern insulation problems if you live in Mississauga!

Fiberglass batts insulation services
Spray Foam Insulation Services

Why Spray Foam?

There are a lot of options you can choose for the kind of insulation you want at your home, but the one that stands out and mostly fits the best is the Spray Foam Insulation. 

Some of the premium advantages of this insulation are it’s lightweight, provides pest control and reduces unwanted external noise in the house, forms any shape and reduces overall material costs. It’s so light that the foam takes minimal space to process, and once it’s processed, the application time is extremely fast & efficient. Further, it seals all the unwanted openings, preventing air vibrations and unwanted noise from getting in from anywhere. 

Get It Now!

If you have proper insulation installed, you can easily relax in your stable in-home temperatures. This results in energy-efficient and enhanced comfort for your family. Spray foam insulation can be easily injected into your walls or sprayed in your home. Walltite, Owens Corning, Demilec, etc., are some of the quality products we use for our insulation. 

If you live in Mississauga or surrounding regions of the GTA and want to get your insulation done, reach out to Spray Foam Insulation Mississauga with NorthStar Fireproofing & Insulation at (905) 669-4900 or info@northstarinsulation.ca. Learn more about it from our house consultation!