Risks You’re Exposed To If You Don’t Insulate Your Home Properly

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It may not appear to be a huge deal, but insulating your home correctly is essential for both your and your home’s health. There can be serious repercussions if you miss on insulating your home or if it’s not correctly insulated. The primary ones are as follow:

High Energy Bills

Examine your home’s energy bills over the last few years to see whether there have been any significant increases. The blown-in insulation in the attics and walls may have sunk, rendering the insulation less effective and potentially exposing sections to frigid temperatures. If your heating or cooling units are working overtime, you may not notice drastic temperature swings in your house, but you will notice an extraordinary energy bill. It’s time to update your insulation if heat is escaping through your roof and walls.

Poor Household Health

Air escaping through leaks, mould growth, and frozen and broken pipes can have an impact on the fabric of your home. It won’t be fun or nice to live in your home if you have to continue cranking up the heat or deal with frozen pipes. Furthermore, the fees will accumulate over time. You raise your carbon footprint by increasing the amount of energy used to heat or cool your home.

Mold Development

Mold is not only bothersome and unsightly, but it is also deadly to breathe in. It emits potentially harmful spores that can harm your lungs. Mold grows as a result of moisture forming on your walls as a result of the cold. Some people may have allergic reactions to mould if they breathe it in or contact it. In a mold, touching or breathing can cause coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, asthma episodes, and even eczema.

Mice and Bugs In The House

Nothing is more aggravating than discovering insects and rodents in your home! Small gaps and holes around doorways and windows allow critters to get in. Unfortunately, cold air enters and warm air exits through these gaps. By adding insulation, you can save money on energy expenses while also protecting your home from vermin infestations.

Frozen or Burst Pipes

We keep the heat on during the winter in colder areas to avoid frozen pipes. We don’t need to turn up the heat to preserve our pipes if we have sufficient insulation. On the other hand, poor insulation puts the pipes at risk of freezing or exploding, even when the heat is turned up. Condensation can also accumulate on metalwork in your home, causing it to corrode.

Frozen pipes in your walls are also a big sign that you need to upgrade your insulation. 

Water Leaks In the Attic

Poor insulation not only allows heat to escape your home but also allows water to enter. Water has an easier time getting into a poorly insulated home than it does into a well-insulated one. So if you have a leaky attic, your insulation may be at blame. Leaks indicate that you should replace your insulation as soon as possible! Water damage can lead to many costly difficulties down the line, including mould issues, so address leaks as soon as possible. At A+ Insulation, we have experience with a wide range of attic insulation issues.

You may risk your health.

A lack of insulation allows more chilly air to enter your home. People with asthma or other diseases are exposed to more cold during the colder seasons, and poor insulation does not help. Cold exposure reduces new cell development and impairs the immune system, especially in the elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems.

Because cold causes your blood vessels to tighten, it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. Even if you’re not elderly or have a damaged immune system, good insulation reduces your chances of being ill due to exposure to the cold.

Cold exposure has even been shown to have a negative impact on mental health and productivity.

Overall, home insulation is essential not just for the state of your home but also for your and your family’s wellbeing. Mold, excessive energy bills, and discomfort are all reduced when your home is adequately insulated.

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