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Peter V.

“I wanted to give a special thanks to Fernando and the guys for clean, fast work. Communication was always good and they explained what they were up to at every point in the job. Our attached porch holds temperature as well as the rest of the house now. Would easily give this team a call again and happy to recommend to others.”

Javier A.

“The service was excellent. The real test came over the winter—the upper floor and attic stopped losing heat for the first time in years just Northstar promised. It was professionally done and we have no complaints about the service or quality.”

Todd & Jerry S.

No more frozen pipes, no more unbearable nights in summer, no more wasted money on heat in winter. We’re more than pleased with the work Northstar has done and are now telling our neighbours and family to do the same. The work you did on the garage was especially excellent. You’ve basically turned an out building into something liveable—we’re hoping to have a rough and ready bedroom above it soon!

Tamra B.

“We reached out to Northstar last spring after two years in our new home. We knew there was something wrong with the insulation as summers were too hot and winters too cold. The second floor had annoying drafts we could never seem to plug. The team did a top to bottom check on the home and I appreciated that they didn’t try to push extra work on us but just provided a straightforward quote on what was needed. The workmen were punctual, clean, and polite. The budget came in just a smidge off the initial quote and we’ve already started making it back with reduced heating bills!”