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About Insulation

NorthStar Fireproofing and Insulation fully-licensed professionals can handle all of your insulation, soundproofing and fireproofing needs. Our team consists of over 70 professionals, each bringing with them years of experience with insulation projects of all types and scales. While understanding its role in the home, to reduce heat loss or heat gain depending on the season, many people do not fully understand much more than that regarding one of the most vital parts of their home. Although you don’t see it (at least you shouldn’t for the most part) proper insulation serves as the key to ensuring your home and office is fully protected from the elements. Here are a few other features you may not have known about your home’s silent hero:

How effective is my insulation?

Insulation is commonly rated based on a measurement called R-value. In Canada, we also use a metric equivalent (RSI Value). These values help factor the ability of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The greater the R-value, the more effective your insulation is. Depending on the space being insulated, these values can change within the same structure. There are specific codes to what is needed for proper insulation, and our trained professionals ensure that your home is properly insulated, to code, in all areas of the project.

MaterialR/in. (RSI/m)
Fibreglassl3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Mineral wooll2.8 – 3.7
(19 – 26)
Cotton3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Fibreglass3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Mineral fibre2.8 – 3.7
(19 – 26)
Cellulose fibre3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Type I and II (expanded) polystyrene or EPS3.6 – 4.4
(25 – 31)
Type III and IV (extruded) polystyrene or XPS4.5 – 5.0
(31 – 35)
Rigid fibreglass4.2 – 4.5
(29 – 31)
Rigid mineral fibre4.2 – 4.5
(29 – 31)
Polyisocyanurate5.6 – 6.7
(39 – 46)
Wet-spray cellulose3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Open-cell light density polyurethane3.6
Closed cell medium density polyurethane5.5 – 6.0
(38 – 42)

Insulating for Sound

While the most common applications of insulation products involve regulating temperatures for comfort, these products can also be used to create soundproof barriers to help regulate noise within your home as well. Looking for that perfect “Man Cave” or movie room in your basement? One that can help you watch the game or the latest action flick at decibel levels equivalent to getting the full theatre experience? Soundproofing can help you achieve that without causing too much of a disturbance to others in the home who may not be part of that experience. Just as heat is always looking for a colder place to enter, the same applies to sound and quiet places. Soundproofing is also a staple for those who use their garage as a workspace or record sound in a home studio.

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Fire Proofing

The thought of a home or office fire is terrifying. The loss of material items aside, protecting your loved ones and colleagues should a fire occur is the most important consideration. Thanks to advancements in insulation technology, fireproofing to help aid in decreasing the damage a fire could cause is readily available (we at NorthStar Fireproofing and Insulation have a tremendous track record with these products). Cellulose insulation for example helps limit gaps and keep fires from spreading too quickly. Properly installing fireproofing measures can give you peace of mind AND help you should an accident occur in your home, factory or office. The potential loss of material items is measurable. How you protect the people inside those structures surely isn’t.

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