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Spray Foam Insulation Toronto Experts

It’s time to look at your home’s insulation if you’re having trouble keeping a consistent temperature in your home for an extended period. On average, 30% of heat is lost through the roof, leading to higher energy usage and costs.
A two-bedroom semi-detached home can save up to $700 on energy bills if proper insulation is installed at your place. Spray Foam Insulation is a cutting-edge solution for today’s insulation problems. 

Insulation You Need

If you are looking for a long-term solution, Spray Foam Insulation is the way to go to keep your home’s temperature steady, feel comfortable, and have your heating or cooling system work overtime.

It is easy to install, cost-effective, and efficient. In order to fully insulate your home, you only need one layer. Our Spray Foam Insulation Toronto experts have the essential experience and expertise in the application of products for superior coverage, and they make sure that their work is completed as quickly as possible.

Fiberglass batts insulation services

All of your insulation, soundproofing and fireproofing needs will be handled by North Star Spray Foam & Insulation INC fully licensed personnel. Our staff consists of over 70 professionals, each of which has years of expertise working on all types and scales of insulation projects. While many people are aware of its function in the home, which is to reduce heat loss or gain according to the season, many people are unaware of much more about one of their home’s most important components. Although you can’t see it (or shouldn’t for the most part), good insulation is essential for keeping your house and business protected from the weather.

How effective is my insulation?

R-value is a measurement that is often used to grade insulation. We also have a metric equivalent in Canada – RSI Value. These figures are used to calculate an insulating material’s ability to resist heat flow. Your insulation is more effective if it has a higher R-value. Within the same structure, these values can vary depending on the space being insulated. Particular rules govern good insulation, and our skilled personnel ensure that your home is correctly insulated, according to the code, throughout the job.

Insulating for Sound

While most insulation products are used to adjust temperatures for comfort, we can also use them to construct soundproof barriers to help control noise in your house. Are you looking for the ideal “Man Cave” or “Movie Room” for your basement? One that allows you to watch a game or the latest action film at decibel levels that are comparable to those of a movie theatre? Soundproofing can assist you in accomplishing this without creating undue disruption to those in the house who may not be participating in the event. Sound and calm areas, like heat, are always on the lookout for a cooler location to enter. Soundproofing is a must for people who use their garage as an office or record sound in a home studio.

MaterialR/in. (RSI/m)
Fibreglassl3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Mineral wooll2.8 – 3.7
(19 – 26)
Cotton3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Fibreglass3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Mineral fibre2.8 – 3.7
(19 – 26)
Cellulose fibre3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Type I and II (expanded) polystyrene or EPS3.6 – 4.4
(25 – 31)
Type III and IV (extruded) polystyrene or XPS4.5 – 5.0
(31 – 35)
Rigid fibreglass4.2 – 4.5
(29 – 31)
Rigid mineral fibre4.2 – 4.5
(29 – 31)
Polyisocyanurate5.6 – 6.7
(39 – 46)
Wet-spray cellulose3.0 – 3.7
(21 – 26)
Open-cell light density polyurethane3.6
Closed cell medium density polyurethane5.5 – 6.0
(38 – 42)
Spray Foam Insulation Services

We Believe In Deep Spray Foam Insulation

North Star Spray Foam & Insulation INC professionals believe in deep spray foam insulation and go where other insulation companies might not, such as electrical wiring and plumbing areas, floor chases, roof leaks and fixtures, and so on.

Our spray foam insulation includes a sealant and an insulator. Walltite and Owens Cornin are among of the high-quality products we use in our projects.

Let’s Get Started

Let’s not waste any more time and get to work on reaching your perfect temperature and level of comfort. Get rid of annoying outside noise and unwelcome changes to your home’s cooling and heating systems, and start saving energy and money.

If you live in Toronto or surrounding regions of the GTA and want to get your insulation done, reach out to Spray Foam Insulation Toronto with North Star Spray Foam & Insulation INC  at (416) 318-4202 or [email protected]. Let our team give you a consultation for your place. Trust our services, and you won’t be disappointed ever!