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Commercial buildings suffer from similar energy losses to residential structures, but they often go unnoticed because increases in energy costs are attributed to variables other than inadequate insulation. Garages, crawl spaces, and attics present the same air tightness and sealing challenges to business structures as they do homes. Unlike homes, a commercial structure typically begins with fewer layers of insulation.

Commercial structures have layers of insulation with less R-value, and this is particularly the case with industrial buildings like warehouses and garages. Insulation can protect your supplies and inventory to ensure your business enterprise remains operational while fire retardant insulation can also provide structural integrity to your commercial building without incurring enormous costs. These additional safety measures will benefit both your employees and customers.

Commercial clients will find the most benefit from our sturdy insulation panels. As one of our more popular commercial products, it provides builders of commercial structures with a cost efficient and practical means of insulation installment. We also outfit commercial properties with our innovative concrete insulation that provides the ultimate level of thermal mass and air tightness.

NorthStar Fireproofing and Insulation understands that your commercial building is the cornerstone of your business operation. That’s why our commercial experts are made available to all of our clients to ensure that the comfort and safety of your staff and customers is held to the highest standard.